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Executive & Leadership Development


Executive and leadership development is essential in the fast pace of change in our global environment. Self-awareness is created and then development is focused on the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.

Through her work with executives and teams, Yvonne helps companies by:

  • Enabling breakthroughs in individual and group performance
  • Increasing productivity, morale, and satisfaction
  • Building commitment, improving retention
  • Enhancing a company reputation for valuing and developing employees
  • Improving the bottom-line through increased results


Many times assessment data is too technical or the language too specialized to be useful. Our innovative approach to assessment use is “user friendly.” This allows both the organization and the employee to utilize the reports with ease and understanding.

Giving your employees their copy of the assessment report provides information all about them plus helpful suggestions for every influential trait. Assessments can be a pivotal development tool reaching far beyond traditional training. Assessments are essential for any organization that seriously wants to develop an enthusiastic and contented workforce.”

Personality & Behavior Assessments
Are you using a tool to help you identify the characteristics of your employees who will be top performers? Do you know what is directly attributing to your employees who are performing well and succeeding on the job?

Personality and behavioral assessments are used by thousands of organizations both small business and Fortune 500 alike. Assessments can be extremely helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses related to personal happiness and career success. With the use of assessments for development, you can laser focus your skill enhancement and training. Assessments also provide a great foundation for working one-on-one with employees to overcome interpersonal struggles leading to satisfied and effective workers.

360 Assessments – Leadership insight from every angle
The 360˚ Assessment is a rigorous and often deeply transformative assessment process for new and established leaders. Clients report that it is one of the most valuable exercises of their careers, offering extraordinary insights that are a catalyst for professional growth.

The 360˚ Assessment provides critical perspectives from a variety of stakeholders with vested interest in the leaders’ success and effectiveness. This 360˚ assessment process has an exponential effect on performance issues, communication, and leaderships’ meaningful comprehension of workplace conditions and development needs. 360˚ Reviews are a valuable tool for any individual genuinely interested in improved effectiveness and leadership development. Benefits include:

  • Concrete strategies for leadership development and professional growth
  • Improved morale through the encouragement of participation and feedback from others
  • Increased communication and team-building
  • Improved customer relations (if review involves customer/client input)
  • Direction and support for leadership development and other training

Executive Coaching

Bringing out the best in the best
Once considered a corrective measure, Executive Coaching is now widely regarded as an essential tool for anyone serious about achieving true leadership excellence.

Executives face numerous pressures: Internal interests within the company, external market forces, ethical challenges, and of course their own personal needs for healthy life balance. An executive coach can provide crucial external perspective, support, insight into pivotal business decisions, and much more. Find out how an Executive Coach can help you:

  • Develop a concrete plan of action and achieve organizational and personal goals.
  • Uncover blindspots that cripple an organization’s ability to achieve success.
  • Navigate changes in job responsibilities such as new reporting relationships, board demands and internal and external pressures.
  • Develop a leadership style that is based in integrity, fairness and positive growth – and expect that from your team.
  • Understand the changing workforce and apply the accountability to achieve results for you and your company.
  • Get experienced outside perspective during critical periods such as reorganization or other major business changes.

Leadership Development

From competence to excellence: Coaching your leaders for greatness. . .
Behind every great business, you’ll find great leaders. And increasingly, if you look behind those great leaders, you’ll find a great coach. It is widely accepted that in today’s globalizing, pressurizing, multi-tasking business world people perform better, handle change better, and establish leadership effectiveness with the guidance of a skillful coach. If your organization is ready to achieve greatness, investing in your people with coaching is a crucial first step.

Yvonne Kinney, PhD, has been transforming competent leaders into extraordinary leaders. Her clients’ comments and success stories speak for themselves. If you’re looking for exceptional executive coaching, leadership coaching, or team coaching, talk to Yvonne.

Companies invest in coaching for:

  • Growing leadership’s ability to practice and express integrity, respect, honesty and courage in words and actions
  • Crisis management and managing change during critical times of upheaval
  • Balancing professional and personal priorities for sustainable, energized, and content professional lives
  • Group or peer coaching groups to develop relationships, create internal strategies, and provide motivation and guidance within your organization

Companies investing in their people get:

  • More mature, self-aware, self-motivated employees
  • Employees who are easier to manage and more capable to be managers
  • Employees who feel valued and make a commitment to being part of the team and
    achieving the corporate goals
  • Increased loyalty and lower turnover

Transitions & Onboarding

Oftentimes, unique situations arise that warrant executive and leadership development, such as transitions and onboarding. Successful transitions are critical in today’s organizations, yet few companies provide the necessary training and support executives need to “hit the ground running.” In fact, recent studies indicate that 30-50% of newly hired leaders fail and leave within 18 months. Ensuring a positive trajectory for integrating new executive talent requires a systematic approach.

Yvonne can help your organization with transitions by helping leaders:

  • Learn the business and culture
  • Cultivate key relationships across the organization
  • Create a foundation for building a high performing team
  • Leverage knowledge, skills and attributes for effectiveness

Succession Management

There are many reasons businesses need to think about succession management. With careful planning and preparation, organizations can manage the changes that result from a generational transfer of leadership as well as the ongoing changes that occur regularly when key employees leave an organization. In addition, the impending retirement of the baby boomers is already having a major impact on workforce capacity.

Although the type and extent of management will be different for every company, organizations both large and small need to have some sort of succession plan. Effective succession management supports organizational stability and sustainability by ensuring there is an established process to meet staffing requirements. Boards and executive directors can demonstrate leadership by having the strategies and processes in place to ensure that these transitions occur smoothly, with little disruption to the organization.