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Talent Management Strategy


No matter what is currently happening within your organization, people are usually at the source of your challenges and your successes. Yvonne firmly believes that by growing your people, you will grow your businessSM.

Yvonne’s education and experience in Workplace Psychology enable her to help navigate your organization through the challenges presented by the effectiveness of your employees.

Solutions for Talent

Perhaps the most crucial element for many organizations is attracting good talent. Today’s competitive job market is making this task more and more difficult. Hiring the wrong talent and experiencing high turnover costs businesses time and money.

Are you a growing organization and in need of better systems for hiring and selection? Are you heaping more responsibility onto managers with little leadership development? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to make group decisions on important initiatives? An objective opinion and skilled guidance can breathe new life into your leadership, and spring-board your current challenge into a growth opportunity. Find out how Consulting Solutions can help transform stress into success!

Through competency-based solutions, Yvonne will help you:

  • Target development better with increased insight at all levels of your organization
  • Identify and develop your talent more effectively
  • Improve hiring accuracy and reduce turnover
  • Increase alignment across all levels and all aspects of your talent strategy


Many times assessment data is too technical or the language too specialized to be useful. Our innovative assessment programs are “user friendly. ” This allows both the organization and the employee to utilize the reports with ease and understanding.

Giving your employees their copy of the assessment report provides information all about them plus helpful suggestions for every influential trait. Assessments can be a pivotal development tool reaching far beyond traditional training. Assessments are essential for any organization that seriously wants to develop an enthusiastic and contented workforce.”

Personality & Behavior Assessments
Are you using a tool to help you identify the characteristics of your employees who will be top performers? Do you know what is directly attributing to your employees who are performing well and succeeding on the job?

Personality and behavioral assessments are used by thousands of organizations both small business and Fortune 500 alike. Assessments can be extremely helpful in identifying the strengths and weaknesses related to personal happiness and career success. With use of assessments for development, you can laser focus your skill enhancement and training. Assessments also provide a great foundation for working one-on-one with employees to overcome interpersonal struggles leading to satisfied and effective workers.

360 Assessments – Leadership insight from every angle.
The 360˚ Assessment is a rigorous and often deeply transformative assessment process for new and established leaders. Clients report that it is one of the most valuable exercises of their careers, offering extraordinary insights that are a catalyst for professional growth.

The 360˚ Assessment provides critical perspectives from a variety of stakeholders with vested interest in the leaders’ success and effectiveness. This 360˚assessment process has an exponential effect on performance issues, communication, and leaderships’ meaningful comprehension of workplace conditions and training needs. 360˚ reviews are a valuable tool for any individual genuinely interested in improved effectiveness and leadership development. Benefits include:

  • Leadership assessment and concrete strategies for leadership development and professional growth
  • Improved morale through the encouragement of participation and feedback from others
  • Increased communication and team-building
  • Improved customer relations (if review involves customer/client input)
  • Direction and support for leadership development and other training

Organizational Culture

The beliefs, ideologies, principles, and values of an organization form its culture. The culture of the workplace controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization. Company culture also encourages employees to stay motivated and loyal, unites the workforce and extracts the best out of every team member.

The first step in creating your ideal culture is to conduct a diagnostic survey. This will allow your organization time to reflect, gather honest feedback, celebrate areas of success and identify areas for improvement.

If you are having challenges with employee effectiveness and/or turnover, building your organizational culture may help. Yvonne can lead your organization in identifying strategies to define and promoting a healthy organizational culture.

Climate Assessment

Organizational climate assessment is an assessment of the general atmosphere within the organization. Specifically, it involves looking at the perceptions of the employees in relation to the organization and the workplace. It also involves looking at other factors that affect productivity and work culture such as ethics, compensation, and communication.

Yvonne has led many organizations through this process, enabling leadership to find answers and discover ways to increase satisfaction level in the workplace and consequently increase productivity.

High Functioning Teams

Teamwork has a dramatic effect on organizational performance. An effective team can help an organization achieve incredible results. A team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, failed delivery and strategic failure.

High–achieving teams reduce costs more quickly, go to market more effectively and launch products more smoothly. In the case of small to midsize organizations, who are even more dependent on the quality of their teams, having the right, strong performing team in place is the real key to business growth.

Yvonne has extensive experience in helping teams function more effectively and efficiently, thus yielding better results for their organizations.